Rocking Chair Cushions can add style and comfort to your porch or family room

Cushions Direct carries two sizes of rocking chair cushion sets; Standard Rocking Chair Cushions and Deluxe Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushions. Our standard size rocking chair cushion sets have seat pads that are 17" wide X 15" deep and back cushions that are 17" wide x 22" high. Our deluxe jumbo size rocking chair cushion sets have a seat pad that is 18" wide X 18" deep and a back cushion that is 18" wide X 28" high. Cushions Direct offers a full line of rocking chair cushions and rocking chair replacement chair pads. We have a variety of colors and patterns in our rocking chair cushion line.

Always measure your rocking chair cushions before you order!
(Cushion dimensions tolerance is +/- 1.5 inch)

Choosing the right rocking chair cushion set has a lot to do with the fucntion and feel of a room's decor and also the size of your rocking chair. Rocking chair cushions can serve as accent pieces for nice furniture as well as functional pieces that add to the warmth, comfort and style to older furniture. These cushions can also give any room a seasonal feel by choosing fabrics appropriate for the time of year. A few things to keep in mind when choosing rocking chair cushions:

Always be sure to measure twice, order once! Please take a close look at the dimensions of the rocking chair pads on each ordering page. Our cushions come in a very small tolerance so insure that our rocking chair cushions will be a good fit for your favorite chair. If your room decor is more formal (or classic), use traditional patterns (like checks, small stripes, or small floral prints), and richer textures work very well to create a sense of warmth and hominess.

If your room is casual, rocking chair cushions that have fun colors, textures, and patterns work very well. Consider big bold stripes, gingham, or any unique patterns that catch your eye. Combined with the furniture, these kinds of patterns and colors both liven up the space by matching the hustle and bustle of the room with a cheerful pattern.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that decorative accents are what really transform a space, and even something as simple as your rocking chair cushions deserve careful consideration when creating this special area in your home.